People come and people go.

My life is full of transgressions, caused by lofty rules of which I can never fully abide. These rules have made me the man I am today. I fear, daily, I may become a narcissist through omission. 

One could argue it is more than self-governed rules that I choose not to celebrate my birthday, keeping the date off calendars and changing the subject when asked.  The truth is I would rather celebrate people. Using my birthdate as a cultural juncture, one in which people are apt and often classically conditioned to celebrate, every year I schedule a series of events.  These events are used as a celebration in people. It is my belief that joining people together, even under the guise of a birthday, is one of the most important things for our society. 

My lifestyle is always burdened with the possibility of relocation. In my last 10 years, I have taken residence in five different cities. I understand new relationships, retaining old friends, missing family, burning bridges, and avoiding love. Goodbyes are still so very, very hard.  Throughout all of this, and more to come, I always want to celebrate people. I want to thank all of the people who celebrated these last four days with me, even those who were unable to, or non-responsive to my invites. I appreciate it all. Every year it reaffirms my belief that life relationships can be modeled from social events.

People will be there, even if they are not necessarily your first choice. People will want to be there, but life keeps them away. People will forget you, whether happily or accidental. You will meet new people. People will leave too early and stay too late. 

People will come and people will go.


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