Platonics: Successful Chaos and Trevor

Withholding non-platonic and family relationships, the fluctuation in the individual relationships people hold amazes me. I understand that the fluctuation depends on abstract factors such as forgiveness, love, trust, etc… Even still I believe we form friendships and relationships from successful chaos, if there is such a thing. It’d be pretty pointless to for me to describe the nature of a unique relationship I hold. I could tell you about the development, the communication levels, the ups and downs but you couldn’t really relate. After all, we’re all different. Besides that’s only one relationship. Ever try ranking you’re friends? I don’t recommend it. One person with 30 platonic friends, who then has 7 to 10 (perceived) levels of friendship. Friends and level numbers are really arbitrary, the keys are multiple friends and levels of friendship. Who holds their friends to the same level of equality? Tell just one of them about that time at camp, where you did that thing, to the other thing, with your whatsit. Bingo, dichotomy! It’s possible that a person with 30 friends could very well have 30 different levels of friendship “comfortability.” I use comfortability because that’s just what it is, how comfortable are you with each and every person in your life (obviously I’m not talking about your favorite checker at target, but those you spend a great deal of time with). Imagine the difficulties communicating on what level each “friend” is and how they got there. Now try to figure where each friend places you according to your scale. It can make your head spin. But when I throw out random phrases from one of my platonic relationships lately, everyone knows what I’m referring to when I said to my buddy Trevor “Remember when you got alcohol poisoning? You were a lot cooler back then.”

Sure it all circles around the intangibles we reciprocate towards actions of those closest to us. But it sure feels more complicated than that doesn’t it?

Trevor, When He Was Still Cool.

I can cut a person out of my life with great ease. I’m a great friend (if I don’t say so myself), I’m forgiving, and while we’re being honest I can be a complete asshole. If we can’t work out whats ailing this relationship, I become the Ron Swanson of friendships “Slash it, Slash it” BOOM! you’re gone. People may call it burning bridges. I don’t unless it’s business and it’s never business. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you (Anyone counting clichés?). Not that it hasn’t happened in reverse. How couldn’t it not right? I mean I’ve already self-described myself (douche bag move) as an asshole, of course people are going to abandon that friendship. Being an asshole isn’t all bad, in fact true assholes only act “assholish” a small fraction of the time. It’s those events that get you broadcasted as an asshole. Its like the news, the car arson triple homicide will make it before the soup kitchen volunteer drive. Believe me, when I’m acting like an asshole its newsworthy.


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